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Wicked Optimism, Comprehensive Gloom, Paulian Agape

So – the legal project’s (still) not done – something about money and will I get paid and come on! it’s the end of the year! – Enough.  Hello.  So glad to be seeing you again. We were just about … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch That Dial

We leave Anita in despair and Bugs who knows where.  What a time for a commercial break! But this just in: In the normal course around here, my human spends hours staring at this lighted rectangle and pecking at these … Continue reading

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Internal Rejecting Object (IRO) No. One: Trust is For Saps

It is Saturday, November 6, 2010.  1:30 in the afternoon.  The sun is shining.  Nice fall day.  (It lies.) I’ve opened the door.  I’m bundling in the shopping.  I’m moving fast, so Bugs won’t get out.  Halfway in-and-out, I look … Continue reading

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Bugs’s Excellent Adventure: Intro

Plot Map:  It is November 6th.  The door is left open; Bugs strolls out.  He freaks, bolts under the house.  Teresa is called.  Four hours later, she persuades him out by dint of patience, plus a plate of odoriferous fresh … Continue reading

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Why Love For Other Species Ought To Save the World

So we now have a five-part test, against which to measure love.  Welcome to better living through legal reasoning. But let’s stop to consider some possible implications.  What if we’ve just invented the first test to prove, to a measurable … Continue reading

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Bugs the Prenatal Caregiver MidBeing

I started this by wondering, are there such things as midhusbands? Research reveals that Bugs would be called a midwife no matter what his gender, according to That can’t be right.  I say let’s us just jettison the gender-, … Continue reading

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Teresa of Tellington; Bugs (Un)Touchable

Bugs was his usual squirrely self, on the first day Teresa came to the house.  He did that walking-away thing all over the place.  We dutifully trailed along behind.  Eventually he let us catch up.  And when Teresa finally did … Continue reading

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