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Gray-Blue Grief, Gratitude

That’s the mood this morning.  This picture, the weather – it all fits. The weather, writ large yet again.  Last night near Little Rock, a 4.7-magnitude earthquake. Last night here in Fayetteville, direct lightning-strikes.  A picture on FaceBook shows a … Continue reading

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Cats, Plants, Stinkbugs

Bugs and I had the O’Dendrons – Rhode and Phil – over last night.  Bugs and Phil especially enjoyed swapping yarns about their mutual Irish ancestry.  (You may recall Bugs’s full name is Bougarabou O. Hooligan.)  We were talking about … Continue reading

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Keeper Peepers

It’s become a joyful rite of spring:  Sharing the spring peepers with Kim and Bee in Michigan.  We here in Arkansas always get the jump on them. This dawn I took my digital voice-recorder out there and got thirty seconds … Continue reading

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Divergence of Mood

This morning I’m tired; finished two projects and even got the billing done too.  So I’m ready to receive gladly a friend’s FaceBook post:  “Every day holds its share of simple pleasures; we must only open our eyes to see … Continue reading

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Back Leg Bounce

Bugs’s hind legs inspire me.  I find them beautiful, awesome.  Share the joy.                 Kim and I were wondering whether these hind legs could have inspired the design for automobile struts?  I found … Continue reading

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Bugs Hones His Skills

Here Bugs reviews the route plan for his next assault on Karakorum. He’d just read this, from the Society for Neuroscience: “[C]areful studies in both humans and animals. . . provide clear evidence that sleep is indeed important for at … Continue reading

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Crampons? Claws? Which?

After yesterday’s post, this query came in the morning mail: What footgear does Bugs favor on his climbs?  We see crampons going for everything from $35.97 on up to $219.00.  Standing on the summit of accomplishment as Bugs does, cost … Continue reading

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