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Words and Pictures

We’re still snowed in here in Arkansas.  So in the course of catching up on e-mail, I came across a post from Mary Debono on my FELDENKRAIS chat-list the other day.  Mary writes of her work restoring awareness and movement … Continue reading

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Snowpocalypse II

They called the first one “Snowpocalypse.”  This one is way bigger than that one.  I checked with a native-born Arkansan and there’s never been one like this in his memory. Compare the chair from last time. So, again, pictures of … Continue reading

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Why Read This, When It Might Get Drowned Out?

With all the crowd-media swarming over us, there may be (as if) entirely too much “self-expression” going on. I took this while the vacuum was going, but you get the picture. This is how I feel, when I think that … Continue reading

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Snow Dawn. No, Check That. Winter Bounty.

“Have a seat.” “Mad About Pets” says they got fourteen inches of snow last week in Wisconsin.  From this I see some context might be in order.  You might need that if you’re not from around here,  to empathize with … Continue reading

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It’s All Relative

It’s snowing again in Arkansas.  In the benediction of silence that is no-cars-on-icy-roads, we wait for the thaw that usually happens, that is not happening.  Our stock of rosemary-scented tuna-bites dwindles.                 I’m … Continue reading

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Vanity: Luxury of Fools

Humorist Roy Blount, Jr. has made an art form of Being Southern.  You may have caught him on the radio in “Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me.”  He is a favorite in this house. In describing his attempts … Continue reading

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Outside and In

Outside . . .                   . . . and in . . .     Bugs recovers from the ice-scare earlier this morning; resumes tormenting Erika’s cat-crack feather-wand. . .   . … Continue reading

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Refugees of December ’10

One day this past December I spotted a guy in the front yard, in a hardhat with a clipboard, peering up at trees around the place.  I thought:  This can’t be good.  The guy was contracted to the electricity co-op.  … Continue reading

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