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What’s On The Menu?

Since Hootie’s remains seem to be staying down?  For the moment? Let’s see. Fresh-ground medallions of free-range pasture-fed organic turkey, finished in a zabaglione sauce with hints of cod-liver oil, kelp, lecithin granules, and taurine, garnished with a sprinkling of … Continue reading

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All Things Must Pass

Remember Hootie?  A present from a dear friend for my birthday.  The one I may have promised I’d keep away from Bugs. I turned my back on him for one moment and this happened. I put the house through a … Continue reading

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Redbud For My Dad

As I wind my way, slowly, toward wellness Bugs and I sit quietly together.  He is in the bowl of my belly.  My hand cups the curve of his back. Words are the only picture of that – not enough … Continue reading

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subject? you need a subject?

then she went out and bought these sticky things for Bed – you remember Bed? scared?  of Bed?  I was not.  Moi?  scared? so now  Bed is really not going anywhere because I’m in it all the time.  when I’m … Continue reading

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(Not) Urgent! Broken-Rib Alert (Not)!

All those “nots” in the subject-line are for my dear peeps who thought I actually did break a rib.  Who actually believe what I write in this blog.  I am so sorry to have made this tonal error.  I was … Continue reading

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Paws Across The Water

A blogmate, living far away from her family of origin, writes of her grandmother’s burial yesterday. This post is dedicated to everybody in that family who’s touched by this passing.  And to the rest of us who have been … Continue reading

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A Sense of Safety

As the news from Japan daily grows more and more frightening, we see a surge of unscrupulous optimism.  That being:  Our tendency, as a species, to make up tall tales, in order to enjoy a false sense of security. A … Continue reading

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