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Body-Wrap Bites The Big One

The great teacher Temple Grandin – you may have heard of her? she’s professor of animal science and brilliant thinker.  She’s figured out ways to ease the plight of autistic people, herself included.  She’s discovered that being surrounded by deep-touch … Continue reading

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Around The Farm, After The Flood

Hello.  How may I be of service? Barack and Michelle, looking for dry land.  Can you see?  They are wet. This pond is high. The sign on my front door.  Notice the wet spots. Run-off. These have popped up . … Continue reading

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Outside: Deteriorating. Inside: Improving.

Well, blogmates, the university here has just closed – a friend writes she has to figure out how to get home, because roads are flooded. This is in town, mind you.  We have storm-drains and civil engineers.  Out on the … Continue reading

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Accepting, Meeting, Offering

It’s been like this now getting on for one week. Day after day after day.  Rain, pause, rain, pause, rain, pause, rain like hell, pause, you get the picture. Here’s Bugs’s response. Or maybe he wants me to brush his … Continue reading

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Can This Be Bugs?

This is how Bugs usually reacts to any crink in the weather involving stuff coming out of the sky and making noise. So yesterday there’s me racing to finish cutting the lawn before yet another spring storm. There’s Teresa starting … Continue reading

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Bugs Wants To Know

This morning it seems to be all about: OK OK ma, you had your little episode, I showed you some respect — now it’s gonna be all about Moi. ma!  Remind Me how to finish my breakfast! ma!  What’s this … Continue reading

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Bugs Pensive

Thoughtful.  Quiet.  I’m glad for hiatus. . . 

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A Sole For Marty

I begin this post, and I end it, with Bugs.  Through him, you and I connect.  Through him, through other beings like him in our lives, we share – I’ll come right out and say it – Love. The flavor … Continue reading

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I Know I Put That Paw Somewhere . . . .

But where’s the other one? Whew.  All four, present and accounted-for.

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Another Wild-Kingdom Encounter

1:28 a.m. CDT 1:29 a.m. CDT  “Mom!  Wake up!  Now!  There’s something out there!”               “No I don’t know where.  That’s **your** job!!”                       … Continue reading

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