Bugs Declines To Participate

All generalizations are false, including this one.” 

That was one of my dad’s favorite little mind-busters.  If ever there was a cat put on this earth to demonstrate the point, Bugs must be the guy.

A blogger in neighboring Oklahoma is sponsoring a tummy contest, where guardians with “normal” cats compete to see which cat has the most unbearably adorable tummy.

Bugs refrains from bringing his immense prestige to bear.  He wouldn’t want to throw the results, by endorsing any one particular candidate.  He’d hate to see Jimmy Carter called in, to have to monitor whether this election was free and fair.

Bugs’s tummy?

Please.  All who know him, know this:

Bugs declines to participate.

So all I have this morning is the few, the very few, moments where the sun may deign to show its face.  In our bleak little world.

A few moments.  So very few.  Here’s all thirty seconds of last night’s sunset.

For those of you who are blessed with normal cats, here’s a link to enter the race.


Entries close today, Friday May 6th.  Post goes up with links to candidates this Sunday, May 8th.  Voting ends Friday May 13th.

We’re waiting, watching.  From the sidelines.  Just like in high school.

About nadbugs

Anita loves cats. This must be because she, too, has had nine lives. She’s been dancing since she could walk, she was a commercial artist and advertising producer, she earned a third-degree black belt in Aikido, she is a drummer with the Afrique Aya Dance Company, she is an attorney, and she’s a meditator and a devoted student of Nonviolent Communication. She also spent one lifetime sidelined with a devastating back injury in 1992. Since then – FELDENKRAIS METHOD® to the rescue. The FELDENKRAIS METHOD is all about dreaming concretely – thinking intelligently and independently by way of a gracious and kind physicality. The work affords all who study it a process by which to reach, with movement, into the mind and the heart, to make nine lives into one whole being.
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15 Responses to Bugs Declines To Participate

  1. Eleanor says:

    A tummy contest! Quick, where’s my camera, where’s my camera?

  2. Wazeau says:

    Bugs may decline but my Nekoka is shameless in offering his best feature up for ogling 🙂

  3. nadbugs says:

    Yes. Who could fail to notice? Are you going to enter him?

  4. We only wish we had Bugs’ Catly reserve. Mommy and her camera has turned us into photo hos.

  5. nadbugs says:

    Oh yes. And we are the — am I too out there? — johns?

    Blame it on Katnip Lounge.

  6. Hello, Neighbor! We’re terribly sorry that Bugs refuses to show his belly, but we can’t say we’re surprised. We take the greatest pleasures in not cooperating! But thank you so much for stopping by to say hello – we’ve added you to our reader so we can see what other things Bugs refuses to do!

    Your new friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  7. nadbugs says:

    The Honours and Appointments Secretariat thanks you for this kind and thoughtful note. You are now included on H.M. Bugs’s List, too. Should you wish to be knighted, all that is required is to continue in your noble noncooperation. You’re In. [The hell with high school. Those people will pay.] Lady Fuzzy, Duchess of — Fanshawe suit you? Zoe? Hmm. There are no Zs in OK, apparently. Lady Zoe, Marchioness of — West Siloam? Perhaps not.

  8. Cat Mandu says:

    Mom says I’m not normal.
    Actually, when I lie on my back, she needs a wide angle lens!

  9. Bugs, I do not do tummy shots either. Ick.

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