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Report on Completion of Probation by H. Bean and B.O. Hooligan

To:  Hon. R. Arnold and Legislature of the State of Arkansas, USA Cc:  Fergus Fowler, MSW Re:  State v. Humid (Nadbugs) Bean, Guardian of Bougarabou O. Hooligan a/k/a “Bugs” Charge:  One Count of Second-Law Kindness Violation, Ark. Code Ann. 03-30-49 … Continue reading

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Second Law: The Prosecution

So, last post, we left Bean and Bugs in a legal pickle.  Bean had taken in Bugs without the upbringing, education, and licensure mandatorily required by the Second Law.  The prosecution was about to begin. By great good fortune, our … Continue reading

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Second Law of Kindness

Before you are tempted to take in a stray or feral cat or kitten, STOP.  Seriously STOP. This matter is so serious, I’m going to go ahead and post it immediately.  Now, without pictures.  No distractions.  No more stray or … Continue reading

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Move Over, Green. Pink!

You may remember — or maybe not, it was quite a while ago — I was griping that Bugs would play solely and exclusively with his green ball. He absolutely, categorically refused to touch his pink ball.  Leaving me stuck … Continue reading

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First Law of Kindness

“She openeth her mouth in wisdom and the law of kindness is on her tongue.” – Proverbs 31. I saw that saying just the other day, for the first time.  Its origin is in the Hebrew “chesed,” re-stated in the … Continue reading

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Fergus Sticks Around

— a little longer. Afternoon: Evening: Night: — but this time no drama.  Just Fergus, slowing down time and getting very very calm. Bugsie isn’t really too impressed. Here he is, slowing down and getting calm.

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