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How’s It Going?

Well – well.  Really.  All things considered. Because I come from a long tradition of double-dyed pessimism-izing not to say doom-mongering, let me be true to my heritage.  Start where I come from.  Right up front, worry and angst. I … Continue reading

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Road Trip! (Trex Is An Angel)

Bugs On The Last Morning . . . . . . that he and I would be just us two. And now we are three.  Today it’s the morning after Trex’s Transport Day.  Yesterday, in a Hardee’s parking lot in … Continue reading

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Our great friend Pedro has bestowed on us the honor of the Wonderfulness Award.  We think Pedro’s pretty wonderful, so this admiration is thrillingly mutual. Here’s our rule-following effort, in connection with this honor: 1.  Yes, we follow Pedro’s blog. … Continue reading

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Distance No Object

Hello. This happy little guy is around 600 miles away at the moment.  Not for long.  His name is Trex.  He is a miracle cat.  By this Saturday night, if the creek don’t rise, he will be here. All it … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

We’ve toyed with that idea before.  Bugs is an awful lot of cat for just me.  Now what’s clinched the deal is, depending on the May elections, I may have a “real job” working for a judge.  This will mean … Continue reading

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Frugality Is Such An Ugly Word

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Bean Has Questions

Friends, the images in this post speak for themselves, pretty much.  But when did that ever stop Bean from talking anyway. Recall this picture, which Bugs found for Ms. Alice Walton’s apparently excellent museum: Recall that according to Wikipedia, at … Continue reading

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The Big Stick

I like to begin my day with a calm mind. This morning, though, I was unsettled to hear from Bean that some amongst you believe that cat-hood is not necessarily measured pointy-side up. This is just plain wrong.  Have you … Continue reading

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This Is Not Good Enough

Bugs here again, footnote on earlier Memos to you readers only. A reader, who has more faculties on board than my human does, points out that my human missed what the reader thinks is a picture of an actual cat … Continue reading

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Memo Update

From:  Bougarabou O. Hooligan (“Bugs”) To:  Ms. Alice Walton Re:  Amended Acquisition Required Date:  Jan. 4, 2012 Please note my earlier memo on the subject of your shocking failure, in your apparently excellent art museum, to include any image of … Continue reading

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