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Adaptability With Integrity

I was on the phone this morning with a professional whose job it is to save me from myself.  He was suggesting to me that there is such a thing as a “strong” person. Poor man.  I must be quite … Continue reading

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Bugs Gets Petted

Bugs:  For pete’s sake, Bean, it’s 3:09 Monday morning.  Have you lost what little was left of your mind? Bean:  Bugs, you have no heart at all.  Aren’t you excited? Bugs:  Please.  [exits room, with dignity] Bean:  Peeps, I appeal … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Topic

Something really obvious dawned on me recently. I think I join most of the rest of our species in having figured out, at some point in my own developmental odyssey (very odd issey, I should say) that although sensory input … Continue reading

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We Knew Him When

Today my usual weekly visit to one of my dearest friends was especially tasty.  I love this friend.  She is a botanist by training who, with her physician husband, shower me with  all things important in life – extraordinary friendship … Continue reading

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Ready For Our Close Up

I have lots more words for you, dear readers, rumbling around somewhere in the laundry-cycle — But who has the patience to attend the slow left-brain loggorthingy.  As it grinds its tedious thicket-y way to the white light of consciousness. … Continue reading

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The Long And Long Of It

This morning we did another little persuasion bribing session.  As I told Ivy last post, I did succeed in getting the boys where I wanted them — Bugs in Long Bed and Fang in Short Bed — for about 1.5 … Continue reading

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A Thousand Words

I have a picture for you that I think you will agree is worth a thousand words.   More than that, if we’re talking my words. When I showed Teresa this picture, she advised I should just post it and no … Continue reading

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Waiting For Weather

Sunday morning.  Looking at pictures of a huge tornado in Kansas.  Watching the radar, as the big system inched our way.  Feeling a bit on edge. The Bean was the one feeling on edge, that is. The boys took things … Continue reading

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Bugsy In Show Biz!

Bugsy made the cut!  Our amazingly talented blog-friends Glogirly and Katie have cast him in a sneak peak at Season Three, of the new hit series Real Housecats of the Blogosphere, coming soon to an interweb near you. Shades are … Continue reading

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A Very Important Award

With a nod to one of our favorite blog-pals Katnip Lounge, we’ve been honored with the Very Important Person Cat award by another of our favorites, Confessions of A Cat Woman. Confessions is an avatar of wit and style, so … Continue reading

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