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Your Standard Fight-Play-Groom Cycle

I think there’s one thing all we catniks possibly agree on:  Our feline friends can be mighty subtle beings.  I’m aware – if I’m on my game, that is – that I better observe my cats carefully, and fast.  And … Continue reading

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Blogging Explained . . .

. . . by New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Dan Pink.  When, for the vast majority of us, blogging makes no economic sense whatsoever, why do we persist regardless? One: Purpose. Two:  Autonomy. Three:  Mastery. Here’s … Continue reading

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Bugs Makes Up His Mind

Bean’s too discouraged at the moment to write anything meaningful.  Something about an election gone very, very wrong.  Bugs takes matters in hand. He was on the fence for a while, about which way to vote. But his decision, once … Continue reading

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Where’s Bugs-O?

He’s included in this flash mob.  Whipped up by Real Housecat‘s Glogirly & Katie.  In honor of a friend’s birthday.  Then shopped into a billboard by Cathy Keisha. Can you find him? What creative circles Bugs is moving in these … Continue reading

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A Dream Coming True

A while back I wrote about my dear friend’s son, an extremely talented artist who’s just graduated from the fifth grade.  At the time I wrote, the plan was, I was just going to help him get started with his … Continue reading

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Beds: A Gentler Note

The Battle Of The Beds re-commences . . . . . . . do you not love how his little nose looks just a like fierce lion’s . . . . . . but this afternoon, after hurtling around bouncing … Continue reading

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Featured Feline: BabyKitty

Meet BabyKitty.  This feline knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. My friend Ben writes:  “BabyKitty is fixed, about five or six years old.  He was originally named ‘General,’ but he changed the name to ‘BabyKitty.’  … Continue reading

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