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Snow In July

Now that Fang really looks like he’s on his way to recovery — now that Bugs’s vomiting appears to have resolved itself into hairball difficulties that, paws crossed, have been solved with brushing and the usual OTC remedies — now … Continue reading

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Staggering Back

Bit by bit, we’re putting our lives back together here.  Viruses of various varieties, down boys! There’s the door!  Use it! And what remains behind, after this last trying episode, is thankfulness.  It cannot be overstated, the importance of this … Continue reading

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Getting Down

Not in a good way.  In the way Jackson Galaxy talks about in his new book Cat Daddy.  “Getting down” as in being driven to one’s knees.  That kind of down. I’m borne up, though, by Jackson’s attitude – and … Continue reading

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Fang Shouts Out . . .

. . . to our friend Cats & Co., who has nominated us for a Sunshine Award. Fangie says:  Way-hey! He’s so glad and honored to be tapped like this.  Thank you Cats & Co.! He’s going to take a pass … Continue reading

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The Next Day

Just a note, dear blog-friends, to say Fang has eaten two meals since last post.  He’s speaking to me again and he seems more chipper.  He and Bugs played a little together this morning.  His eye’s still weeping, and his … Continue reading

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Anti-Something Or Other

Regular readers may recall when Fang was a kitten, before he got here, he almost died in two bouts of severe, life-threatening illness.  When he first got here, we had to dose him again with antibiotics, for a heavy case … Continue reading

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Have You No Shame?

Recently blogger friends Cats & Co. and Here There Be Spiders posted about why they love cats.  Check out what they say, and be moved.  House of Carnivores says she trusts her animals.  “They have my back.  And they are … Continue reading

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Featured Feline: Meet Maximus

This little ginger ninja is about five months old.  My dear friend Lani of the big heart made me lunch yesterday, so we could have some rare friend-time and I could meet little Maximus.  You can see he’s a blur … Continue reading

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