Snow In July

Now that Fang really looks like he’s on his way to recovery — now that Bugs’s vomiting appears to have resolved itself into hairball difficulties that, paws crossed, have been solved with brushing and the usual OTC remedies — now that my computer and financial woes have been eased by friend-benefactors (“friends” seems like an understated way to put this, I’d rather say “angels”) — and a few droplets of paying work have found their way back to me at last can I hear a halleluyah —

It’s time to talk weather.  What else, really?

Well, hang on.  “What else” might be a cat picture.  Here’s Fang, better.  You know what?  With this homeopathic treatment, even his breath smells better!  I simply canNOT tell you how happy I am about that.

OK.  Now the weather.  It is so hot here.  It is so, so dry.  We are in the middle of a historic drought.

Consider:  At the end of the growing season last year, ranchers who usually had 700 rolls of hay put up for the winter of 2011-12, had only 120.  And that was after the winter of 2010-11, where we had two incredible record-breaking snowfalls.  Here’s what the second, bigger snowfall looked like — people were calling this one “Snowpocalypse.”  In case you’re wondering?  This is a chair in front of my house.

People — this is Arkansas.  You know where that is?  It’s in the southern United States.  This is not supposed to happen!  Read the full posts about it here.  In case you’re wondering?  This is my car, somewhere under there.

And then later that spring, we had historic floods.  Here’s a light-hearted post about at life on the farm right after one immense deluge — but it was not so funny, really.  See here for the darker side.

And then after that — nothing.  I do mean nothing.  We had zero snow this past winter.  Zero.  Nada.  And this spring?  Not much.  One week of rain in March (the week my brother was visiting, wouldn’t you just know it) — and since then?  Zero.  Nada.  Now, after many weeks of temperatures in the upper ’90’s and 100’s f., no rain in the foreseeable forecast.

So now — in this July season of 2012, for the first time in the fifteen years I’ve lived here, I got a robocall the other evening saying there’s a burn-ban on, and there will be no fireworks permitted.

Really?  A Fourth of July with no fireworks?

I’m that happy about it — peace and quiet, so the cats’s pants don’t get scared off — except I’m not as happy about it as all that, really.  I’d rather the reason not be that the place is like a tinderbox, just waiting to go up in flames.  Like Colorado, for instance.  So scary.

So — an antidote to the scariness seems called-for, in addition to the diversion of snow when it’s 101 f. outside.  Here’s what happened when Fang woke up a little bit and realized I was taking pictures.

And here’s another thing to celebrate:  When Fang offers up his belly like this, now it means rub me.  Not — come here and let me bite and rake your arm mercilessly until it hangs useless in tatters.  Just — let’s be sweet together.  That’s all.

Sweetness overload.

About nadbugs

Anita loves cats. This must be because she, too, has had nine lives. She’s been dancing since she could walk, she was a commercial artist and advertising producer, she earned a third-degree black belt in Aikido, she is a drummer with the Afrique Aya Dance Company, she is an attorney, and she’s a meditator and a devoted student of Nonviolent Communication. She also spent one lifetime sidelined with a devastating back injury in 1992. Since then – FELDENKRAIS METHOD® to the rescue. The FELDENKRAIS METHOD is all about dreaming concretely – thinking intelligently and independently by way of a gracious and kind physicality. The work affords all who study it a process by which to reach, with movement, into the mind and the heart, to make nine lives into one whole being.
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23 Responses to Snow In July

  1. Ivy says:

    It seems like the weather patterns all around the globe are going bonkers, huh? Down here in my neck of the woods, it hasn’t been that radical, but for sure it’s been bizarre: more rain than expected, warmer than usual for winter and the likes. How about those toesies on Fangie? A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!! So happy to know of all the improvements!

    • nadbugs says:

      Gosh. So strange to think about you guys having winter down there. Warmer or not! Can we have some of your rain, pretty-please? Thank you for the happiness. The toesies are pretty much unbearable. Good thing they’re mostly unseen, on the ground as they are.

  2. Sweet news except about the weather. Things are topsy turvey everywhere. It’s been a hot jungle wet spring/summer in NY. My garden is 2 to 3 weeks ahead of normal, whatever that is. Purrs to Fang!

  3. Melanie says:

    Those toes! How can you resist them? (OK, you probably don’t.)

    And the weather… don’t get me started on this bizarre weather. I think in Pennsylvania we’ve got a bit less weirdness than other parts of the country, but we were part of the heat wave this week (though last night’s thunderstorms have cooled everything off) and we had the abnormally warm spring and practically snowless winter too.

    I haven’t heard that we have a fireworks ban, but it would be a tremendously smart thing for them to do, even with last night’s rain. As hard as it was raining, I can’t see that it made much of a difference, moisture-wise. I think the thirsty ground just sucked it in like a sponge.

  4. nadbugs says:

    Sigh. What a concept. Hard rain. Glad you had it . . .

  5. Your cats wear pants? I suppose it takes all kinds…

    Thrilled that the boyz are feeling better! It’s HOT here, but I do live in Las Vegas…110 ain’t nothin’ for us. It’s a dry heat, LOL.

    • nadbugs says:

      Yes! Bugsy’s pants are white! Fangie’s pants are crazy! And I do remember that desert heat. Walking around The Strip in my hiking boots, on the way to Zion-Bryce-G. Canyon. It felt good! 110. No biggie! BUT . . . WITH water . . . hate to think what would happen without.

  6. So glad your boys are on the mend!! It’s so hard when the little ones are sick, I know!
    it’s a shame about the fireworks, but totally understandable. and I’m sure the kitties will appreciate it. or appreciate NOT having it, MOL
    That sweet ‘rub my tummy’ picture is just awesome! I’m glad he’s not taking your arm off any more!

  7. CATachresis says:

    Well as I’ve been telling everybody who’ll listen we are about 60-65F here. I personally prefer it as heat always comes with humidity and that is a bummer! Dry heat is not so bad!!

    Fang is adorable and I know when you graduate from tummy rub with arm in tatters to tummy rub with arm in tact, that is a result!!

  8. Dianda says:

    Looks like they are feeling better! That’s good!

  9. kimmo,spiveroo,stewie and smeezer(our real names have been changed to protect the guilty) says:

    I want to pet that belly too!

  10. rumpydog says:

    I’m glad the kitties are doing better! And I hear ya about the drought. With all the rain we had through the winter, the ground in our yard is cracking and the grass only grows around the central unit- the rest is dead or dying.

  11. kolytyi says:

    I think (or more exactly: feel) that Africa’s whole stock of heat is here, in Europe. I wouldn’t be suprised if I heard that there were snowstorms there…

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