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Picture This

You like pictures of my boys?  So glad to hear it and we aim to please.  All righty then. Let’s start with the “I Know You’re Out There” (IKYOT) series. IKYOT I. IKYOT II. IKYOT III. IKYOT IV. IKYOT V. … Continue reading

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Soft Landing

Where are you right now?  Are you where if you faint, you will land safely? It’s just that I haven’t posted in too long and, really, I have nothing especially significant to say for myself or for the boys, particularly. … Continue reading

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A Mist Of Introspection

Tonight at sundown we transit into the Jewish high holiday of Yom Kippur.  This is a time of introspection, undisturbed by earthly distractions.  It’s time to note where one has not lived up to the mark of one’s highest aspirations. … Continue reading

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Dire Dental Doldrums

This post is about dental dismay, lightened-up with a little pictorial grooming gone wild.  And let me say right at the top here that if you feed your animals jerky made in China, STOP!!!  Read this post and then throw … Continue reading

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Harmony, Beauty, Insight, Peace

For those of you who want nothing more than to look at pictures of my lovely boys, as they enjoy moments of increasing harmony – for those of you who would prefer to skip the Jewish angst that’s also been … Continue reading

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Cat See, Cat Do

On this doleful anniversary — a high note over here. Bugsy honed his door-leaping skills again this morning, for which he is justly famous.  Here’s an archive shot: Barney watched. Next thing I knew: He scooted up the back way.  … Continue reading

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Cat’s Got Bugs’s Tongue

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone . . . . Bugs has lost his voice.  Before Fangie’s death, he had pipes on him worthy of the Metropolitan Opera.  After, he … Continue reading

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What A Difference . . .

. . . A Day Makes. (Ed. Note:  Before you go any further in this post, make a note to check out the video in Ivy’s comment below.  Do yourself a favor.  Would it make your day?  Would that song … Continue reading

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Not Yet Out Of The Woods

Too soon to hope for lasting peace, I guess.  Or maybe it’s one guy’s or the other’s or my mood of the day.  In any case, ever since my last post I’ve been prying the boys apart.  It’s getting old. … Continue reading

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