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No Excuse For Cuteness

Surely no excuse is needed.  With family under siege in New York City, and friends covered with sleet nine hundred miles away from New York City in Michigan — Sandy my FOOT! whose idea was that ridiculous name anyway — … Continue reading

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Uproar, Return To Normal Please

Tsunamis to the west, hurricanes to the east – things are roared-up all over the place.  Though I hesitate to compare here to there — here too.  After working from home most every day since getting Barney end of August, … Continue reading

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Fire And Water

Those two elements have emerged as important currently over here at the home-place:  Fire & Water. Fire first.  The bottom has dropped out of the temperature here and I mean it feels cold.  There’s a freeze advisory and come on! … Continue reading

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Barney Steps Up

Bugsy’s eye appears to have healed.  As of today.  All it took was a trip to the vet, and a laying-on of hands.  And a paying of green papers, lots of them.  Sheesh.  Well, whatever.  As long as Bugsy’s all … Continue reading

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Pangs Of A Headbanger

Dear readers, by popular demand, here is Round No. 10,587 of the Territorial Tourney.   You all are a bloodthirsty bunch. Would it make you feel small if I told you that we sustained yet another green-paper bloodletting trip to the … Continue reading

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