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Our interview’s out!  At Mousebreath Magazine!  Check it out! It was a beautiful sunset, that evening . . . . . . . . though today it looks like this. Never mind.  We think the interview came out great.  The … Continue reading

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Foreboding in July

I don’t know about you, Barnes, but I have the feeling something wicked this way comes. I’m getting the same vibe, Bugs. When I get that way, I need some perspective. Did you see what was she doing this morning?  … Continue reading

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Boys At Play

In line with the nice weather round these parts, the climate is warm indoors as well as out. Bugs demonstrates how to use the Bat-A-Rat treat-toy.  Thanks to our friend Caren at Cat-Chat for alerting us to this excellent feline … Continue reading

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Sunshine Flyer

This is winter?  No snow.  Sunshine.  Door open. Barney makes the most of it. “All rise.  Court is now in session, the Honorable Barnabus M. Filibuster presiding.” Launches off. Lands in the pink. Bugsy in his own pink.

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