Barney’s Ruff

I’m puzzling about Barney’s ruff.  Here’s a picture of him in September of last year, not long after he arrived.

fly2 011Here’s one of him recently.

bday13 009-cropHere’s another one, from underneath.

sun-in-winter 007-cropSide-by-side for comparison purposes.  Left, September.  Right, now.fly2 011bday13 009-crop

catrunI swear — clippers had no hand in this.   He is untouched by human hands in that regard.

I am thinking of two explanations.

number-oneHe sheds his big hair for the summer.  Or —

number-twoHe has grown into his more mature self.

We have not been together long enough for me to know which is true.  Or maybe both are true.

Time will tell.

IntroWatchWithChainI myself like to think of him as an Elizabethan.

English: Elizabethan ruffs.


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27 Responses to Barney’s Ruff

  1. I think he just grew into his REAL SELF cuz he knows he has a furrever home now…IMFO

  2. Anya says:

    Many of us call it the “floof effect” – see:
    My Manitou begins to floof out as winter approaches, and continues right through Christmas. Come February, we know spring is coming, as we find “floof-bits” everywhere on the floor. He loathes being brushed (although sometimes it is necessary), so he makes every attempt to remove the knots himself. In summer, he has no ruff at all – and I am pretty sure this indicates some Maine Coon – probably Barney has some in him as well.
    Cool, huh?

  3. He is beautiful! I think he has become a happy, well cared for cat who gets good nutrition. My cat Sam was adopted from Animal Control. He is not a long haired cat but his hair was very thin when we got him and now he has a rich, full coat of fur. I think Barney looks the way he was meant to look.

  4. lahgitana says:

    Our BuddyOoop has magnificent floof in winter, but loses it when the weather dictates cooler cladding. He’s so floofy all over that we call him a marshmallow! Then summer comes along and the floof is a dim memory.

    Do you skritch his floof and growl-say “Ruff, ruff”?! And then laugh maniacally? Oh, that might be me….

  5. Gizmo says:

    Looks l ike a good home and good food has brought him to his full glory

  6. Bonnie Rymer says:

    I think he has grown into his full self. I have trapped feral kittens, had them spayed/neutered and moved them inside. They definitely have Maine Coon in them as they have the floof all of the time now that they are full grown! It took a couple of years for their beautiful coats to completely grow in. I trapped them when they were about 8 weeks old and they will be 5 years old this year!

  7. mbavaresco says:

    In the last photo you´re like my Nelson!

  8. Julia williams says:

    I love his new floofy self, and I hope he keeps it all year!

  9. He’s grown into his floofy fur fullness. Most impressive and leonine!

  10. minlit says:

    It was quite a magnificient ruff. Maybe he just fancied a change. A feline must retain a little mystery. Well, a lotta mystery, actually.

  11. Leo’s ruff gets much bigger in the winter, along with the rest of his floof increasing. Summer means the feathery like quality of his gorgeous tail disappears, more’s the pity. Depending on Barney’s age, he might not have grown into his full ruff yet combined with it still being warm.. Or perhaps he had been trimmed before you got him? Whichever it is, his ruff is gorgeous!

  12. Herman says:

    I love that new look. What a beautiful boy!

  13. Sparkle says:

    I think it is a combination of both – I get decidedly fluffier in the winter, even though our climate is mild here.

  14. Wazeau says:

    Its a very studly-looking ruff. His black chin patch kills me. Look at the difference in the tail floofage too, he is just looking magnicent.

  15. Anya says:

    I wonder if when you got him, he was growing out a recently shaved coat? That could explain it as well. But either way, he is a gorgeous fellow!

  16. We vote for big boy fur!

  17. He’s definitely sporting his all-grown-up fur. And it is marvelous fur. He should be quite proud so don’t let it go to his head. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  18. CATachresis says:

    Definitely an Elizabethan mancat ruff! he is a handsome fella 🙂

  19. He has grown into his mature self 🙂

  20. Anne d says:

    I’ll bet it is a seasonal thing. By Aug, Sept, my girl has lost almost all of her ruff. By Feb it has grown back in all its magnificence.

  21. I vote for the big boy fur, too. What a magnificent cat he is!

  22. Rumblepurr says:

    Oh wow, that is a very fluffy ruff!

  23. Either way, he’s gorgeous.

  24. I’d have to say (coming from the perspective of working in animal health) that the fluffy ruff is a sign that he is both mature and now enjoying very good health. Good on you.

  25. I agree with Pussincahoots, above: EIther way, he’s gorgeous!! 😉

  26. lauowolf says:

    Blossoming under your care, obviously.
    Him’s a good-looking boy!

  27. Dianda says:

    I think he has grown into himself too! He looks beautiful with that big ruff!

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