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My Little Stomachs

My knickers are in a twist again. Again it’s about folks who think causally.  I’ve written about this before. Causally.  I do mean causally.  Not casually, although that bothers me too – “casual” thought is an oxymoron.   No, I mean … Continue reading

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Brotherly Love

Yesterday I attended a memorial for a judge.  This man had a great capacity to inspire love in others, even despite his important position in a world that does not seem to embody this trait. I know this man had … Continue reading

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Tables Turned

Today – the first time I’ve ever seen it – it was Bugsy going two rounds on Barney. It was after dinner, in the cool gray evening of a quiet Sunday.  Barnes was meditating, inhaling the first lawn-mowing of the … Continue reading

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Soft Power

I had an incredibly sustaining and supportive dream the other night.  I was being chased by Nazis.  (Yes, I did say sustaining and supportive.)  My cats Bugs and Barney came to my rescue. This was my unconscious shaking its booty, … Continue reading

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Box Series Continued

My dear friends in Michigan, kimmo, spiveroo, stewie, smeezer, and boo, are all excited about Vermont Country Store’s latest offering. Just add water.  Specify shipping method desired.  All major credit cards accepted.  Other colors and styles available.

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