Here’s To Grass Of Several Varieties

Friends, calling for comments please.  If you have any insight into what’s going on with my dear friends Kim’s and Brian’s cat Stewie, we would love to hear.

Meet Stuart.

box-stewStewie is actually a girl.  Never mind why the mismatched name.  This is probably why Kim and I are the best of friends.  ‘Nuff said.

Over a month ago, Stewie started vomiting.  All this time later, she is still not eating normally.  All this long time, my friends have been feeding her with a syringe.

Extensive work-ups have been done.  Much seems to have been ruled out.  Teeth problems, none.  Bowel obstruction, none visible in the films and poop is passing through normally.  No masses.  No hyperthyroid, no pancreatitis.  Thickening of the digestive tract, however, has been noted.  Possible diagnoses: Inflammatory bowel disease or cancer, but neither definitively.

Steroids have been tried and stopped when not of assistance.  Duralactin has been tried and, I believe, continues to be administered.  Homeopathic cannabis-based anti-nausea remedies are in the process of being tried.

cannabisExploratory surgery has been declined; if IBD or cancer is found, my friends aren’t willing to assault Stewie’s compromised system further, just to go the treatment routes for those essentially incurable conditions.

All through these long weeks, my friends have nursed Stewie.  Present diet, as mentioned, is delivered by syringe – it’s home-made, with pure bone-broth as a base.  Yet Stewie has been on a downhill slide.  Increasingly skinny, weak, and apathetic.

Until – two things.

One, Kim has just discovered that she should let Stewie outdoors, closely supervised (no danger of runaway; Stew’s too weak).  Stewie loves this; she perks right up.  And two, once out there, Stewie eats grass.  She won’t eat food, but she’ll eat grass.

And as of this morning, hallelujah, she’s better.  She took more syringe-food than “normal,” she voluntarily took some water, and she ate some treats.

Just because of outside? and grass?

grass 001In related news, I fed Bugsy some grass too.  Barney thought it was fun to play with, but Bugsy threw elbows and got down to some serious chowing.

Sure he horked it up immediately.  I don’t care.  For as long as I’ve known Bugs, I’ve been worried that he has had a nonproductive cough and he’s got an unreasonably delicate tummy.  From time to time – maybe once or twice a month – he throws up his perfectly fine breakfast “arbitrarily” (no hairball).

And in case you’re wondering, no dry food for my boys.  They eat better than I do.  Human-grade organic meat, supplemented by sweet potato, oatmeal, psyllium husks, cod liver oil, and BalanceIt powder.

Well, Kim and I are joined at the hip, so why shouldn’t our cats be, too.  At approximately eight years old, Stewie’s got four years on Bugs, but other than that, well, the resemblance is clear!

box-sleepSo let’s talk grass.  None of the usual reasons for eating same seem to apply in Bugsy’s case.  His stomach was empty when I fed him the grass.  There was nothing in the subsequent inevitable hork to suggest that he had anything else indigestible in his tract.  His poops routinely show that hair is passing through his system beautifully.  (Only animal-people, or possibly parents of small children, understand how poop could be thought beautiful.  I will put up a picture of just how beautiful, at the end of this post (to give a chance to avoid it, for those of you who might find this to be oversharing).)

I did find one very interesting snip of info, though, here, about why cats would eat something of which they’d immediately throw up the fibrous portion:

“Much like mother’s milk, the juices in grass contain folic acid. This is an essential vitamin for a cat’s bodily functions and assists in the production of hemoglobin, the protein that moves oxygen in the blood. Think of it as a wheat grass shake for your kitty (let’s hope they like it more than you do).”

Anybody have any thoughts about any of this?  Stewie’s condition?  Her improvement, apparently due to judicious forays outdoors and grass of two varieties, or might this be coincidence, correlation and not causation? Wheat-grass shakes to help Bugsy’s tender tummy?  Anything?  Anybody?

And now, some or all of you may wish to skip this next image, with cellphone to show scale.  But those of us who are truly obsessed find beauty in this.  It issued forth from Bugsy’s little body after I started adding psyllium husks.  And please don’t tell me there’s something wrong with a poop of this magnitude.  I kind of don’t want to hear it.  I’d rather stay a proud mama in denial.

Oh well hell.  If there is something wrong, I need to know.

OK.  Here we go.  Stand back and prepare to be amazed.

poop 001-crop



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13 Responses to Here’s To Grass Of Several Varieties

  1. dezizworld says:

    Fiwst mommy sez dat wees must say, not bein’ able tu examine da kitty or x-ways, test wesults, or notes, wees can only make educated guesses. 2nd, Even indoow kittys wequiwe sunshine/vit.D. dis is usually achieved by kitty layin’ in sunpuddles and supplements in da noms. 3wd. Yes der be folic acid in da gwass and ifin yous gwass is not poisoned wiff pesticedes, etc. den is fine fuw kitty tu eat. Or yous can choose tu gwow yous own indoow gwass fuw kitty. and kittys hoo eat gwass a lot usually hav a little bug/cold/ailment of sumkind and need tu fwo up. Gwass is da easiest way tu du such. Howevew, ifin fwoin’ up wiffin 20 minutes of eatin’ da gwass, den da cat weceived none of da benefits of da folic acid. A kitty hoo mnibbles on gwass concistantly a little a day or week and not fwoin’ it up is gettin’ those benefits. And helpin’ tu keep der system tuned up. Mommy gwows us gwass yeaw wound. So, is dis da miwacle cuwe fuw whatevew ailed da kitty?? NO purrawly not, mowe likely jus a happy coincidence. So wee offew ow purrayers dat kitty is healed or yous can find out what is wong and awe able tu fix it.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  2. Not sure about the grass thing but my veterinary nurse in training friend who is sitting with me would like to know if she has been checked for Feline Hyperthyroidism, Pancreatitis or an Abscess? Or perhaps even a simple food allergy? These would be her first thoughts but she’s not sure of much more without seeing the kitty in question.

    ~ Amy

  3. dawn knapp says:

    Wow. Go, Bugs, go!

  4. Sparkle says:

    I really have nothing to offer here, but I do want to say, keep us posted on Stewie – I would like to know what, if any, suggestions prove helpful!

  5. kimmo,spiveroo,stewie and smeezer(our real names have been changed to protect the guilty) says:

    Bri actually enlarged this amazing turd…. just saying. Impressive.
    Thank you friend for this blog!!! Stewie ate some solid food, just a tablespoon- but we are headed in the right direction!

  6. Cats are so contrary, I can NOT imagine them eating grass if they didn’t want to…and here at the Lounge they are FIENDS for grass.

    The poop? EPIC.

  7. Mell says:

    A bit over a year ago, two of my boys started puking regularly. It got so bad that every single day, one or the other or both would throw up shortly after eating. Vet tests turned up nothing, but my vet (who is, in my opinion, a genius healer) said it might be the beginning stages of IBS. She sent me home with vitamin B12. She said that it might not help, but it wouldn’t hurt them in any way, and that it MIGHT help. It has turned out to be an absolute miracle! I cannot say enough about the difference it has made. I started out injecting them once a week (just sub-q, very easy with teeny-tiny diabetic syringes), and since the very first injection – NO PUKE WHATSOEVER. None. Nada. Well, ok, to be fair, I still get the occasional hairball, but that doesn’t count. I have since weaned them down to an injection every 3 weeks or so, and they are maintaining their non-hurling status on that. If I go more than 4 weeks, they start again.

    Since that time, I have told three other people with puking cats about B12…and all of them are now eating normally and not throwing up at all. My vet says that it doesn’t work for every kitty, but it doesn’t hurt to try, because it won’t hurt them even if it doesn’t stop the puking, and can help with energy and appetite. A big bottle of vitamin B12 (MUST be just B12, not B-Complex or any other mix) costs less than $20, and will last both of my guys over a year, possibly longer if I didn’t share it. I use the 31 gage 30-cc syringes at $12 for a hundred. All in all, a very small price to pay for a miracle. 😉

    Your friend could check with Stewie’s vet, it might not hurt to give it a try.

    I hope Stewie feels better soon.


    • Any idea if it helps dogs, too?

      • Mell says:

        I honestly don’t know, sorry. I would check with your vet – I wouldn’t know what the dosage would be for a dog. If you got the right dosage, I don’t see how it could hurt, but dogs metabolize a lot of things differently than cats, so I would definitely recommend checking.

  8. rumpydog says:

    I don’t know if it has anything to do with Stewie, but our kitty Graybow, known as Graybie Baby, has a delicate stomach and whenever it gets out of balance….. like there’s a change in the food….. he pukes for days. He responds well to Probiotics. And he does like to eat grass. Jen brings fresh in to him. I hope you’re able to find an answer for Stewie!

  9. Cats & Co says:

    Stuarts face. Right in the heart. Isn’t he the cutest cat ever?

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