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Until I Say So . . .

. . . no more work will be done. –Signed, Barney P.S.  You think she put the computer aside on her own?  Come now.  It is me, Barney, who put the computer aside.  Human, I require scritches this instant.  What … Continue reading

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Black and White and Gray in Color

The other day a friend and I found out about a few serendipitous connections we share.  Here we are in Northwest Arkansas.  Yet my friend and my mother attended the same east-coast design school.  My friend’s daughter now attends the … Continue reading

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The Long and Short of It

Long . . . . . . and Short.

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Learning, Cats, Bedbugs, Cilantro. Connected, Really.

“Neuroplasticity” is an umbrella term for the revolutionary discovery that the brain has, in the words of psychiatrist Norman Doidge, “the ability to change its own structure and learn to replace lost functions.”  The brain is resilient, in other words. … Continue reading

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Help Please For Maximus

Excellent readers, my dear friend’s cat Maximus has just been diagnosed with anemia and feline leukemia. Can anybody help? Here’s Max around two years ago, at six months. Here is what I wrote about him then. Here’s what my friend … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth, Light and Shade

Well, that was a change! Ordinarily I prefer to spend the Fourth of July hunkered down with the air conditioner on high, doing my best to comfort the cats while mentally snarling at the yahoos all around with their pointless … Continue reading

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Stewie Is Better

Friends, I’m so happy to tell you that my friend Kim’s cat Stewie continues to improve. Vitamin B-12 seems to have done the trick, thanks to our reader Mel’s recommendation. Kim believes the B-12 has been the decisive factor (along … Continue reading

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