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Shed a Little Light

In these dark days of world-wide fear and uncertainty, a little light is especially appreciated. Please enjoy this fabulous cover of James Taylor’s great song “Shed a Little Light,” brought to you by the Maccabeats, Naturally 7, Martin Luther King, and … Continue reading

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Family of Us

May the paw of light shed happiness on us all in this New Year. I hope you enjoy the gentle vibe of this lovely song and video, “Famille Feat,” from Lokua Kanza of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Reminding us to … Continue reading

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The Blues. Before, During, Hopefully After.

Boy, I got ‘em and how. Here are two major elements: * Several bruising encounters with the American “health-care” system. Make that the American “ill-health brutality” system. * I am sorely missing my African drum and dance teacher Angelo. He … Continue reading

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We All Need Somebody To Lean On

Poet Miller Williams died not long ago here in town. He wrote this, about compassion: Have compassion for everyone you meet, even if they don’t want it. What appears bad manners, an ill temper or cynicism, is always a sign … Continue reading

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Cat’s Got Bugs’s Tongue

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone . . . . Bugs has lost his voice.  Before Fangie’s death, he had pipes on him worthy of the Metropolitan Opera.  After, he … Continue reading

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Fog Does Lift

In the unsettling, unseasonable heat that is this first of April – Where, fully one month too soon, the lettuce is already bolting – Bugsy is having tummy issues again. And I myself have fumbled into the freefloating anxiety that … Continue reading

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Bugs Considers Another Bean; Bean Likewise Vice Verse

Hello reader-beans.  Bugs here again.  Bean has been rocked back on her ass for a few days, by various Bad Things that apparently needed her urgent and bad-tempered attention.  She asked me to tell you she’s doing fine now, though.  … Continue reading

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Bugs Plays The Djembe

Ma.  I know that rhythm.  I want to play it. Bean:  Gosh, Bugs, I don’t know.  You know what a pain in the patooty it is to replace drum-heads.  Remember the little drum I let you play a while back? … Continue reading

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Can This Be Bugs?

This is how Bugs usually reacts to any crink in the weather involving stuff coming out of the sky and making noise. So yesterday there’s me racing to finish cutting the lawn before yet another spring storm. There’s Teresa starting … Continue reading

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Paws Across The Water

A blogmate, living far away from her family of origin, writes of her grandmother’s burial yesterday. This post is dedicated to everybody in that family who’s touched by this passing.  And to the rest of us who have been … Continue reading

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