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Soft Landing

Where are you right now?  Are you where if you faint, you will land safely? It’s just that I haven’t posted in too long and, really, I have nothing especially significant to say for myself or for the boys, particularly. … Continue reading

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Beds: A Gentler Note

The Battle Of The Beds re-commences . . . . . . . do you not love how his little nose looks just a like fierce lion’s . . . . . . but this afternoon, after hurtling around bouncing … Continue reading

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Featured Feline: BabyKitty

Meet BabyKitty.  This feline knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. My friend Ben writes:  “BabyKitty is fixed, about five or six years old.  He was originally named ‘General,’ but he changed the name to ‘BabyKitty.’  … Continue reading

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Beds: Variation On A Theme

Let it never be said that my boys leave things alone to stagnate.  They do like their routine – they are cats, after all – but the beds situation is still in flux. Fang looks pleased that Bugs isn’t taking … Continue reading

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A Happy Mother

On this Mother’s Day, this mother is complete.  She needs nothing more. Wait a minute.  Did I just say that?  Can I really be Jewish, and say something like that?? If you don’t know the culture well enough to know … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Topic

Something really obvious dawned on me recently. I think I join most of the rest of our species in having figured out, at some point in my own developmental odyssey (very odd issey, I should say) that although sensory input … Continue reading

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Ready For Our Close Up

I have lots more words for you, dear readers, rumbling around somewhere in the laundry-cycle — But who has the patience to attend the slow left-brain loggorthingy.  As it grinds its tedious thicket-y way to the white light of consciousness. … Continue reading

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Brotherly Balance

One thing I’m really happy about:  I’m recognizing an “old-self” aspect of Bugs coming back.  The reserved, contemplative, concerned side of him. He’s been choosing his moments carefully to approach me.  He draws near slowly, looks in my eyes, purrs … Continue reading

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The Wearing Of The Green

Let this green stand for spring, renewal, refreshment. He lives, he still has a pulse — he’s just resting, Ma.  All’s well.

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Parallel Profiles

Apart from the overall cuteness effect, which I hope you agree is formidable, I really enjoy how this picture showcases Fang’s longer muzzle. Don’t they look like they’re just about to burst in two-part harmony? In top hat and tails.

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