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Boys At Play

In line with the nice weather round these parts, the climate is warm indoors as well as out. Bugs demonstrates how to use the Bat-A-Rat treat-toy.  Thanks to our friend Caren at Cat-Chat for alerting us to this excellent feline … Continue reading

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Some Movement, Some How-Do-You-Do

After stepped struggles this morning with the ground chicken (no good), the cod-liver oil-soaked kibble (a little bit good), and he wouldn’t even touch the Laxatone unless I covered it up with chicken baby-food, what finally worked was a can.  … Continue reading

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Bugs, Highly Rufous

Here’s Bugs this morning, inspecting his Bat-A-Rat treat dispenser.  Empty, naturally.  It takes him about three minutes, to get it that way. A while back, a commenter asked what color Bugs is.  I said (in my super-educated way):  “Gray.  But … Continue reading

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Bugs Bestows On Bat-A-Rat

It’s taken us a while to feel accomplished enough to make this announcement, but here we are.  We have arrived. We bring you:  :: Bat-A-Rat! :: There is no-one else here to share this with. :: Whap! :: ::Whap! :: … Continue reading

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