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Your Standard Fight-Play-Groom Cycle

I think there’s one thing all we catniks possibly agree on:  Our feline friends can be mighty subtle beings.  I’m aware – if I’m on my game, that is – that I better observe my cats carefully, and fast.  And … Continue reading

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Beds: A Gentler Note

The Battle Of The Beds re-commences . . . . . . . do you not love how his little nose looks just a like fierce lion’s . . . . . . but this afternoon, after hurtling around bouncing … Continue reading

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Beds: Variation On A Theme

Let it never be said that my boys leave things alone to stagnate.  They do like their routine – they are cats, after all – but the beds situation is still in flux. Fang looks pleased that Bugs isn’t taking … Continue reading

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Adaptability With Integrity

I was on the phone this morning with a professional whose job it is to save me from myself.  He was suggesting to me that there is such a thing as a “strong” person. Poor man.  I must be quite … Continue reading

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