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Quality of Life

I am so happy to report that my dear friend Kim’s cat Stewie is improving. In response to what I first wrote, commenter Mel’s recommendation of Vitamin B-12 shots seems to have made a significant difference. Kim says Stewie’s personality is … Continue reading

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Bugs’s Skin : Help! Avert Steroids!

Friends, if you have any light to shed on this fix in which we find ourselves, I’d love it if you’d shine a little over here. Bugsy has an ugly skin entity.  I provide pictures at the end of this … Continue reading

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My Little Stomachs

My knickers are in a twist again. Again it’s about folks who think causally.  I’ve written about this before. Causally.  I do mean causally.  Not casually, although that bothers me too – “casual” thought is an oxymoron.   No, I mean … Continue reading

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Getting Down

Not in a good way.  In the way Jackson Galaxy talks about in his new book Cat Daddy.  “Getting down” as in being driven to one’s knees.  That kind of down. I’m borne up, though, by Jackson’s attitude – and … Continue reading

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How’s It Going?

Well – well.  Really.  All things considered. Because I come from a long tradition of double-dyed pessimism-izing not to say doom-mongering, let me be true to my heritage.  Start where I come from.  Right up front, worry and angst. I … Continue reading

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Nonviolence : The Question

The other day a blogger-friend posted news of one of her cats having been injured in a feline-fight.  I responded there, in one of my annoying amusing edgy-jokey moods, recommending that the injured cat should bone up on his nonviolence … Continue reading

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Body-Wrap Bites The Big One

The great teacher Temple Grandin – you may have heard of her? she’s professor of animal science and brilliant thinker.  She’s figured out ways to ease the plight of autistic people, herself included.  She’s discovered that being surrounded by deep-touch … Continue reading

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Cats, Plants, Stinkbugs

Bugs and I had the O’Dendrons – Rhode and Phil – over last night.  Bugs and Phil especially enjoyed swapping yarns about their mutual Irish ancestry.  (You may recall Bugs’s full name is Bougarabou O. Hooligan.)  We were talking about … Continue reading

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Keeper Peepers

It’s become a joyful rite of spring:  Sharing the spring peepers with Kim and Bee in Michigan.  We here in Arkansas always get the jump on them. This dawn I took my digital voice-recorder out there and got thirty seconds … Continue reading

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Bugs Hones His Skills

Here Bugs reviews the route plan for his next assault on Karakorum. He’d just read this, from the Society for Neuroscience: “[C]areful studies in both humans and animals. . . provide clear evidence that sleep is indeed important for at … Continue reading

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