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Play Date With Frog

It’s been raining a lot lately, so look who turned up on the Catio. Did you invite him, ma? I wonder what would happen if I do this. Whereupon Mr. Frog gave a mighty leap to the chair. Bugs ponders … Continue reading

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Creatures Great and Small

Continuing in last time’s theme of choosing what feels good, instead of submitting to Strict Father’s demands — On the importance of balance, both emotional and physical — As the season turns, it feels good and balanced to meditate on small beings finding … Continue reading

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Necessity is (a) Mother . . .

. . . of a challenge these days.  This is not all a bad thing. Thanks to the surgery, this is how I’m sleeping these nights. With my bruised and battered foot under a box. Necessity demanded that I invent … Continue reading

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Fergus Sticks Around

— a little longer. Afternoon: Evening: Night: — but this time no drama.  Just Fergus, slowing down time and getting very very calm. Bugsie isn’t really too impressed. Here he is, slowing down and getting calm.

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Fergus Returns

The world is an ambiguous place.  Here’s how I’m feeling about it. “The Thinker,” by Auguste Rodin. An emblem of my childhood – the first impression at the Woodward entrance to the Detroit Art Institute. The Thinker ponders what GM … Continue reading

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