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A Fascinating Topic

Something really obvious dawned on me recently. I think I join most of the rest of our species in having figured out, at some point in my own developmental odyssey (very odd issey, I should say) that although sensory input … Continue reading

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Ready For Our Close Up

I have lots more words for you, dear readers, rumbling around somewhere in the laundry-cycle — But who has the patience to attend the slow left-brain loggorthingy.  As it grinds its tedious thicket-y way to the white light of consciousness. … Continue reading

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A Thousand Words

I have a picture for you that I think you will agree is worth a thousand words.   More than that, if we’re talking my words. When I showed Teresa this picture, she advised I should just post it and no … Continue reading

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Howzit Hanging?

A series of shots of the boys, interspersed — for no logical reason, it’s just a visit to a spectacular orchid show was my birthday gift to myself — with the gorgeousness.  Happy spring, or happy almost-spring, to you all. … Continue reading

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Return From The Dark Place

I was awakened again at 2:00 this morning to find Fang in my arms – and Bugs grooming Fang’s head vigorously.  This went on for around ten minutes.  I don’t exaggerate.  He covered every hair on Fang’s head with Bugs-spit.  … Continue reading

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The Door Cracked Open

Stardate:  Last day before the door-opening ceremony.  Ship’s log:  On course. First up:  I am flat-out flabbergasted at Fangie’s high-octane jet-fueled play-mojo. Finally on Friday night I had a chunk of time to spend with him.  I was determined to … Continue reading

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Frugality Is Such An Ugly Word

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Bean Has Questions

Friends, the images in this post speak for themselves, pretty much.  But when did that ever stop Bean from talking anyway. Recall this picture, which Bugs found for Ms. Alice Walton’s apparently excellent museum: Recall that according to Wikipedia, at … Continue reading

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The Big Stick

I like to begin my day with a calm mind. This morning, though, I was unsettled to hear from Bean that some amongst you believe that cat-hood is not necessarily measured pointy-side up. This is just plain wrong.  Have you … Continue reading

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This Is Not Good Enough

Bugs here again, footnote on earlier Memos to you readers only. A reader, who has more faculties on board than my human does, points out that my human missed what the reader thinks is a picture of an actual cat … Continue reading

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