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Pangs Of A Headbanger

Dear readers, by popular demand, here is Round No. 10,587 of the Territorial Tourney.   You all are a bloodthirsty bunch. Would it make you feel small if I told you that we sustained yet another green-paper bloodletting trip to the … Continue reading

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Harmony, Beauty, Insight, Peace

For those of you who want nothing more than to look at pictures of my lovely boys, as they enjoy moments of increasing harmony – for those of you who would prefer to skip the Jewish angst that’s also been … Continue reading

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Cat’s Got Bugs’s Tongue

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone . . . . Bugs has lost his voice.  Before Fangie’s death, he had pipes on him worthy of the Metropolitan Opera.  After, he … Continue reading

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What A Difference . . .

. . . A Day Makes. (Ed. Note:  Before you go any further in this post, make a note to check out the video in Ivy’s comment below.  Do yourself a favor.  Would it make your day?  Would that song … Continue reading

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Not Yet Out Of The Woods

Too soon to hope for lasting peace, I guess.  Or maybe it’s one guy’s or the other’s or my mood of the day.  In any case, ever since my last post I’ve been prying the boys apart.  It’s getting old. … Continue reading

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They Played!

Yesterday we had an unscheduled site-swap and meet-and-greet.  The boys had been getting along so well through the door that I got a little too relaxed and left the door open wide enough for Bugsy to slip in. At the … Continue reading

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Meet-and-Greet and Site-Swap

Yesterday Teresa came by and we did a meet-and-greet and site-swap with the boys. But before I get into that, essential news that some might file under Too Much Info – but those who remember what we went through with … Continue reading

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Day Three

What a difference, between introducing Fangie and introducing Barney.  It’s only the morning of the third day Barney’s been here.  No late-night door-excavations, no howling, no hissing – and only two incidents where (sleep-dazed) I wasn’t sure whether Bugsy was … Continue reading

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A Thousand Words

I have a picture for you that I think you will agree is worth a thousand words.   More than that, if we’re talking my words. When I showed Teresa this picture, she advised I should just post it and no … Continue reading

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A Very Important Award

With a nod to one of our favorite blog-pals Katnip Lounge, we’ve been honored with the Very Important Person Cat award by another of our favorites, Confessions of A Cat Woman. Confessions is an avatar of wit and style, so … Continue reading

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