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::Click:: Seeing the Boys in a New Light

It’s been an eon since I last posted. Since then, it feels like the Earth has shifted in its orbit and I along with it. The new orbit turns around clicker-training. When Bugsy arrived around six years ago, at a … Continue reading

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There’s Just No Telling

Did you hear the one about Holly the house-cat?  Her humans took her to Daytona.  (Really?  And – how is that supposed to be a fun thing for a cat?  Never mind.) Holly took exception to the whole thing and … Continue reading

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Why Jackson Works For Me

Jackson Galaxy, host of the Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell, has inspired me from the first day a reader put me onto him. I like Jackson because he advoCats connection.  Relationship with our feline friends.  Empathy.  Exercising one’s … Continue reading

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Getting Down

Not in a good way.  In the way Jackson Galaxy talks about in his new book Cat Daddy.  “Getting down” as in being driven to one’s knees.  That kind of down. I’m borne up, though, by Jackson’s attitude – and … Continue reading

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A Very Important Award

With a nod to one of our favorite blog-pals Katnip Lounge, we’ve been honored with the Very Important Person Cat award by another of our favorites, Confessions of A Cat Woman. Confessions is an avatar of wit and style, so … Continue reading

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Rounds Two And Three

Shhh.  I’m writing this while both boys are at large.  That’s to say, Bugs has retired to Fang’s bed, and Fang is somewhere not in Base Camp. Round Two was me solo, sans Teresa, this afternoon.  This encounter was by … Continue reading

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Opening Ceremony

Friends, we’re calling Round One a complete success.  This afternoon Teresa and I had the boys together for about an hour and a quarter.  Threats and name-calling were exchanged only occasionally.  No blood was spilled.  Nobody hid.  We actually caught … Continue reading

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How’s It Going?

Well – well.  Really.  All things considered. Because I come from a long tradition of double-dyed pessimism-izing not to say doom-mongering, let me be true to my heritage.  Start where I come from.  Right up front, worry and angst. I … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

We’ve toyed with that idea before.  Bugs is an awful lot of cat for just me.  Now what’s clinched the deal is, depending on the May elections, I may have a “real job” working for a judge.  This will mean … Continue reading

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The Honor Is Ours

We and a bunch of others have been awarded the Versatile Blogger prize, thanks to MaruCanKissMyFurry. . . Bugs dictates the following response. Pedro my man, this is indeed an honor.  Especially coming from you, whom we greatly admire over … Continue reading

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