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Black and White and Gray in Color

The other day a friend and I found out about a few serendipitous connections we share.  Here we are in Northwest Arkansas.  Yet my friend and my mother attended the same east-coast design school.  My friend’s daughter now attends the … Continue reading

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Love and Loss

I think about these a lot. My dad – and Horace Walpole – used to say: “Life is a tragedy to those who feel, a comedy to those who think.” On one hand think-laugh, on the other feel-grieve. Bugsy right … Continue reading

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A Thousand Words For Reindeer

I am back to thinking of those friends who are facing end-of-life issues, about whom I wrote recently.  Now two more in our blog-circle have joined that group, and I have just read about several more of whom I didn’t … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late

These earthquakes we’ve been having.  Some think the cause may be “fracking.”  Some think not.  Some think the available data is insufficient. Fracking is the practice of pumping fluid underground to inject cracks in the deep shale rock, from which … Continue reading

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Ignorance Is Bliss — Not!

I thought I was mortified when, in ignorance, I expressed the belief that Bugs’s little nipples were [ahem] pimples.  Turns out, I didn’t know from mortified.  Now I am mortified for sure. Our dear fellow blogger LifeWith4Cats has just posted … Continue reading

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Bugs the Prenatal Caregiver MidBeing

I started this by wondering, are there such things as midhusbands? Research reveals that Bugs would be called a midwife no matter what his gender, according to medicine.net. That can’t be right.  I say let’s us just jettison the gender-, … Continue reading

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