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A Mist Of Introspection

Tonight at sundown we transit into the Jewish high holiday of Yom Kippur.  This is a time of introspection, undisturbed by earthly distractions.  It’s time to note where one has not lived up to the mark of one’s highest aspirations. … Continue reading

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A Hand, A Paw

Dadgummit — I wanted to catch Bugsie’s ferocious toothy snarl in the act of dismembering this cane, from my now-defunct summer lilies — and all I got was the “as the world turns” effect again. So let me take a … Continue reading

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The White Paw of Light

Today is one of the last days on the Jewish calendar, the day before Rosh Hashanah, the New Year, the beginning of the High Holy Days.  This observance has been in the making for thousands of years, so it’s been … Continue reading

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