It took a post from our good blogfriend Here There Be Spiders to remind me that as much as I loved my dad, I have never honored him with a post on the anniversary of his death. Which is today, fourteen years ago.

On his birth, yes, but not on his death.

So this one is for you, Eddie, and also for Spidey’s mother, who died the same day.


Edward C. Schnee, zichrono l’bracha

september1 003-cropBugs, in formal wear.

september2 001-cropBarney, also in formal wear.

Remembering is a blessing.


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Second Anniversary

Happy Gotcha Day, Barney.

play1 (8)-crop

It’s been two years . . .

play1 (14)-crop

Every day of which I have loved you.

play1 (13)

You’re even OK with Bugs.

play1 (11)Mostly.

play1 (3)catrun

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No Problem Here

It’s a fresh Sunday morning, cool and green. My tears – and a summer rain much like the one that swept through the day Fangie died – seem to have washed away the heaviness of grief. What remains is a tender soreness, the ache of a muscle well used.

I have also been so comforted by those of you who have remembered Fang. We may never have met one another except through this blog, but, still, we can share memories like that. That is just so heartening to me. Thank you so much for that.

So now seems the right time for a photo-essay in a lighter vein. The other day we broke out Kim’s Chateau Dryden Special Reserve Nipatini.

High?  Me?

nipatini 004-crop

Naw.  I drive better when I’ve had a few.

nipatini 003-cropNo really!  Not high!

nipatini 008-cropWell maybe just a little.

nipatini 010-cropI’m fine now.

nipatini 017-cropTime for a rumble.  (Note Barney’s swishing tail.)

nipatini 018Well, maybe not.  We’re both kind of . . . tired.

A problem?  No.  We can take it or leave it.


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Fangie Remembrance Day

I just realized – this may be World Cat Day to the world, but it’s also the day Fang died. Two years ago.



For those who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him, here’s my tribute to him.  I still cry, reading it.

Here’s what Fang looks like now.

fang-grave14 001

  To Fangie.  An excellent boy.


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World Cat Day

Any day to celebrate cats is good, but especially today.   The International Fund For Animal Welfare says so.  Others disagree.  They think World Cat Day is February 7th.

When you have humans, you have controversy.


nipatini 022-crop

Bugs approves every and any day.


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Until I Say So . . .

nopost 002-crop

. . . no more work will be done.

–Signed, Barney

P.S.  You think she put the computer aside on her own?  Come now.  It is me, Barney, who put the computer aside.  Human, I require scritches this instant.  What e-mail?  What — deadline, you say?  Scritches, I say.  Now.  No excuses.  Without delay.  Now.


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