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Rabbit Holes & Moving Vahhns

The other day, one of my favorite podcasts On The Media interviewed Maria Popova.  Popova edits an interesting site called Brainpickings.  I share in Popova’s excited tone.  She says “One of the most magical things about the Internet is that … Continue reading

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Brotherly Balance

One thing I’m really happy about:  I’m recognizing an “old-self” aspect of Bugs coming back.  The reserved, contemplative, concerned side of him. He’s been choosing his moments carefully to approach me.  He draws near slowly, looks in my eyes, purrs … Continue reading

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The Wearing Of The Green

Let this green stand for spring, renewal, refreshment. He lives, he still has a pulse — he’s just resting, Ma.  All’s well.

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Parallel Profiles

Apart from the overall cuteness effect, which I hope you agree is formidable, I really enjoy how this picture showcases Fang’s longer muzzle. Don’t they look like they’re just about to burst in two-part harmony? In top hat and tails.

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BlogPaws T-Shirt Contest

Blog-mates, check out this opportunity to design a T-shirt and win big, at the animal-bloggers’ BlogPaws conference in Salt Lake City this year. Here’s our entry: Cats only; bet that’s gonna keep us out of the running.  Still. We’re going … Continue reading

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Left-Brain Right-Brain Boogaloo

Bugs is amazed to hear that humans may actually understand something important after all.  Fang is, like, whatever. (Bean’s grandmother never had any doubts on that score.) Devote eleven minutes to this wonderfully fun and informative video, about what left-brain-right-brain … Continue reading

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Bugs Browses

He is distracted by something Fang’s up to off-camera.  He resumes browsing on an exhausted bunch of kale left too long in the fridge. This boy likes his greens. Pee Ess:  Like my dad used to say — moderation in … Continue reading

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